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1 Reborn! fic

Title: Teenagers
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Pairing: Tsuna/Basil (27B)
Rating: R
Warnings: This author likes to skip blithely among the verb tenses. Awkward teenagers are awkward. Gay.
Note: Written for the KHR! kink meme. Basil being a total bottom was helping Tsuna in his training so that Tsuna could become a Seme and bang the hell out of him. Truefax.
1,319 words

Tsuna had never seen someone so excited to lay out futons before.

Four years hadn't mellowed Basil down any, or corrected any of his poor information from Tsuna's deadbeat dad. Basil had been staying over for the weekend while they were stopping in Japan for other things, and Tsuna's parents had gone out 'for the night' (thank goodness they weren't doing that in the house) and a water pipe and busted near Tsuna's room so the two boys were delegated to spare futons in the living room.

"This terribly amazing! A mattress on the floor!" Basil exclaimed in that super-formal way of talking he had. Tsuna could swear he heard a British accent in there. "When one thinks of such things it makes quite a bit of sense, most certainly."

Tsuna thought he had seen the limit of such simple joys when it came time to change into pajamas. He opted for t-shirt and boxers, his usual faire. It was too hot to wear much.

Basil had a yukata.

Tsuna was pretty sure from the flowery pattern that it was a girl's yukata.

Of course, as Basil fumbled with the tie trying to get it just right (what was wrong with just a knot?) and it slipped over one pale shoulder, Tsuna began to think that the feminine pattern was far more fitting for Basil's fair coloring and European features. The way the soft blonde hair seemed to spill like water as he leaned over, exposing the back of his neck for a brief moment before covering it once more as he looked back up and smiled brightly at Tsuna.

Silently apologizing to Buddha for taking advantage of this foreigner's lack of knowledge, Tsuna cleared his throat and piped up with, "So... ever done a guy before?"

Basil paused in his fight with the belt, giving Tsuna a blank look he had only ever seen before on Yamamoto.

"'Done a guy'? I'm afraid I do not understand this term, my friend."

Stepping over the futons, Tsuna closed in on Basil's personal space and took the fabric of the belt from his hands. "Well, that is to say, it's, um... traditional for fellow warriors to... you know... celebrate camaraderie through physical expressions of affection. I can show you. Since we've been through so much, and you helped me train..."

Their faces were inches away, and Basil's throat was suddenly dry at the intense look in Tsuna's eyes. He still wasn't sure he understood, but he very much wanted to find out.

"So, erm." Basil stammered out, licking his lips nervously. "This is... local custom, then?"

"Yes." Tsuna replied. "Local custom. Yes, yes it is."

So maybe he just wanted to get laid. He was a teenager, and if this was the worst he had ever lied to get sex then he was doing a lot better than his age and gender group.

Basil's hands fell away from the cloth belt he had struggled so much with, and Tsuna undid the knot with ease. He knew he should be more careful with other people's things, but he still tossed it aside carelessly, wrapping his arms around Basil instead to pull him into a shy but certainly not chaste kiss. At least the other boy seemed as inexperienced as Tsuna did about it. Tsuna had certainly blossomed from when Basil had first met him, no longer the 'no-good-Tsuna' that fumbled over everything. The certainty with which he held Basil against him made the blonde's knees weak.

Knowing he had to at least act like he knew what they were doing, when they broke for air Tsuna wasted no time grasping the edges of Basil's yukata and pulling him down onto one of the futons so the other boy was sprawled out under him, robe fallen open and hiding nothing.

Kneeling over Basil, the sight took Tsuna's breath away for a moment.

"...Is- is something wrong?" Basil asked as Tsuna stared down at him, and the question snapped Tsuna out of it.

"No, uh, it's- ... you're pretty." oh man Tsuna could kick himself for how lame he was, but either there was some kind of lost in translation thing that made him sound cooler than he was or Basil seemed to be functioning from the same mental issue that made Gokudera and Haru think he was the shit, because Basil just smiled as he blushed faintly.

"I find thee attractive as well, Tsuna."

Oh, damn, he never expected such archaic ways of talking to be a turn-on, but that delivery had Tsuna tenting in his pants and he knew damn well he wasn't so good at holding back.

Practically tripping over his own two feet, Tsuna managed to strip himself of his clothing which regardless of how embarrassing it was to be naked was rather nice with the heat of the evening, made even warmer with the tension in the room. He thought he'd make an even bigger idiot of himself if he tried to put anything in, but he still wanted some tight heat, some skin on skin - too bad Basil wasn't a woman, with boobs you could-

Tsuna stopped mid train-of-thought and looked down at Basil's firm, smooth thighs.

That would work.

"Tsuna? What comes next?" Basil asked, not attempting to hide the excitement or anticipation in his voice. He wasn't as hard as Tsuna was, wasn't thinking the same series of dirty thoughts no doubt. Tsuna dropped to his knees between Basil's legs, mustering his courage and just touching Basil with all the (apparent) confidence in the world, sliding his hands from thighs up grasp his cock. The sudden contact made Basil gasp with need.

"Well... I'll need to get some kind of lubricant. I think." Tsuna commented, unaware that a simple hand-job was a lot more than your everyday masturbation when you didn't masturbate.

"Tsuna," Basil moaned at Tsuna's somewhat rough pumping of his cock, quivering and feeling as if every nerve had come alive with heat, overwhelming his senses with the white noise of wonderful pleasure drowning out everything else. "This is- oh!"

"Whoa!" Tsuna was needless to say almost as surprised as Basil by the other boy's orgasm, muttering "...Five minute cowboy..." before deciding that was alright, Basil was allowed to be inexperienced, it made things kind of even more hot even if it made Tsuna feel like a worse person for taking advantage of it.

Oh well, he could light incense or give more money at the shrine next time he went or something.

Using Basil's own come as make-shift lubricant, he spread it along the inside of Basil's thighs as the other boy just breathlessly watched him in his work. When he was done, he shifted their positions so Basil's legs were up and held together - from there Tsuna got a good look at Basil's ass and felt his erection surge.

Not until I read about how to do that right. he told himself firmly, it would be no good screwing it up on the first try.

"Um- keep your legs together." he directed to Basil, trying to sound like he knew what he was doing. Basil seemed to believe him, that's what counted. Taking a breath, he pushed his cock between Basil's thighs and-

Oh yeah that was good. Not as tight as that ass no doubt was, but that really didn't matter right now. The soft skin with firm muscle under that held tightly around him, the way Basil was watching with aroused fascination, Tsuna lost himself to it, thrusting against that smooth skin recklessly until he came, adding his mess to Basil's stomach along with what was left there of Basil's own.

Both boys were panting, sweaty and messy. They'd have to bathe before sleeping.

Basil was looking at him expectantly, still flushed, half-hard again already. Waiting.

"So, uh... to preserve water, sometimes we take group baths..." Tsuna began.
Tags: fic type: pr0n, pairing: tsuna/basil (27b), series: katekyo hitman reborn!

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