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Holy shit it's a hetalia fic get in the car.

Title: Another Mile, I'm Not Afraid
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing: Ivan/Amelia (romantic), Amelia+Kiku (BROS)
Rating: PG-13 for swearins
Warnings: Author likes to skip blithely among verb tenses. This is the first chapter of something longer and I almost never finish what I start. If I do, though, there may be porn, I make no promises for or against or relating to possible porn in the future aside from that if I ever get there I will add 'contains porn' to the chapter notes in big blinky text.
Note: I am playing a little fast and loose with history here as far as exact dates, but the era is roughly during the Red Scare, and it's a 100% Human AU. Oh, and America is a chick.
2560 Words

Kansas was unusually warm this September. With the house silent for the few precious moments in the middle of the day, Amelia found herself dozing off on the sofa when she was roused from her slumber by a knock at the door.

Feeling groggy, she stumbled up and checked the clock next to the radio. Far too early for the kids to be home, but Kiku said he had an early day...

With a sigh, she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and tucked her hair back in place, walking over to the front door as she did.

"Kiku, did you forget your keys?" she chided with a fond smile, flipping the lock and opening up the door.

Instead of the dark-haired Japanese-American, she was instead face-to-face (well, face-to-chest thanks to the height difference) with a tall imposing figure she hadn't seen in almost seven years.

His eyes had dark circles under them, his shoulders bent as he leaned against the doorframe, like he had just run a mile nonstop straight to her door.

The door which was promptly shut straight in his face, or at least attempted to were it not blocked by the heavily booted foot he had wedged between the door frame and the door, probably in anticipation of such an act by the woman.

"Amelia, please! Aren't you even-"

"AIN'T I WHAT? WHAT?" she screamed in response, attempting to shove the door closed just as hard as the tall man was attempting to keep it open. Though a small woman she was more muscle than she looked, and her strength was nothing to shake a stick at. "PLEASE, TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK THAT I OWE YOU OTHER THAN ONE CALL RIGHT TO THE GODDAMN CIA!"

"AMELIA YOU ARE BEING UNREASONABLE!" The man struggled to keep his voice in check - it was in the middle of the day in a residential suburb, and people were sure to ask questions. "You have no idea what I have gone through to get here, please just give me a chance!"

"I GAVE YOU A CHANCE!" Amelia yelled. "I gave you everything and you betrayed me so you can just go take a long walk off a short cliff!"

With that she pushed the door open, the movement so sudden and unexpected that the man was actually caught off-guard the split-second it took before she popped him square in the jaw with a solid punch that could put most boxers to shame. In the few precious moments he was reeling from the hit, she shoved him far enough back to slam the door and the sound of the deadbolt sliding into place was the sound that brought him out of it.

He should give up. He knew he should give up.

Instead, he found himself running through the small flower-garden to the back door, chasing her silhouette through the windows.

"AMELIA! Amelia! Please, just listen to me!" His voice was muffled outside of the walls, but Amelia could none the less make out his words as he ran around to the back door which was attached to the kitchen, where she had stormed to in her fury. She paced in place, covering her mouth to hold back tears. Six years. Six. Years. No word, no sign, nothing. Then all of a sudden he's there, on her doorstep.

He pounded on the door, the sound echoing through the house, but not so loud to drown out the sound of the car pulling into the driveway. If the pounding was any indication, her unwelcome guest either didn't hear or didn't care. Amelia stood in the kitchen overwhelmed by emotion while the keys turned in the lock, flipping the deadbolt open and Kiku rushed in at the sound of the commotion.

"Amelia, are you alright?" He hissed, keeping his voice low as it seemed like the other man still thought she was alone in the house. Amelia nodded furiously, casting an angry glare to the back door. No words were needed. He knew, there was only one person that could shake down the woman that was like a solid rock in such a way.

Minutes passed, then the back door was once more thrown open with great force. Instead of seeing Amelia at it, however, the intruder's eyes met those of a man smaller but still more imposing than he remembered. Especially with the sword at his side. Kiku Honda grabbed him by the collar and dragged him inside, slamming the door behind him as the edge of his blade found the Russian's throat. Kiku's rage was quiet and deeply hidden, never reaching the surface that anyone could see. Not until this moment.

"You betray her faith in you, abandon her, and then have the nerve to show up at her doorstep after six years without any contact at all? Give me one good reason why I shouldn't cut you down right now. Tell me, Ivan, if that is your real name."

It was a last heatwave of the dying season as Summer gave way to Autumn, but Amelia J. Jones wasn't about to complain about one less day she could get away with not wearing her cardigan. She was nineteen and she was in love. In love with learning, in love with life, in love with her semi-independence for the first time in her life, in love with America and all the oppertunity it had to offer the young woman just crossing the threshold of adulthood.

"Amy! Please tell me you just left your jacket in class." the hesitant voice could be none other than her twin brother, as Matthew jogged to catch up with her. He was wearing his uniform. "It's supposed to rain today, you need to be careful. And -- where are your glasses?"

"Matthew!" Amelia had this way of talking just below a shout, no matter the emotion that backed it. Even when she came across as airy and uncaring, she was half-yelling as she continued her stride along the tree-lined path to the main building. "It is my first day of class and I am not going to go in there with those glasses if I can help it, I want to make a good first impression. And the weather report is almost never right anyway. And I am living in the dorms now so you have no right or need to fuss over me, little brother!"

"Come off of it, Amy." Matthew's troubled look became a full-blown pout. "The records are unclear for which of us was born first, I might be older, and even if I wasn't it was just seconds-"

"I moved out first!" Amelia inturrupted, knowing Matthew would fall silent as soon as she started talking. "You're still living with Mr. Kirkland, but I am an independant woman living in my own dorm room and I only intend to get more independent from there!"

Matthew shoved his hands in his pockets, giving Amelia another look. Hesitant and disapproving, but Amelia knew she had won that arguement.

"You know people are going to wonder about your relationship with Mr. Kirkland." It was his last line of defense to try and convince Amelia to chose a different, all-women University, but it had failed months ago when she sent out her applications, and again when she recieved her acceptance letter.

"They won't for long, I only date Americans, you know that Matthew. Besides, he's practically a second father to us!" Amelia seemed to be the only person who was oblivious to the British professor's more than platonic feelings for her. They weren't unreasonibly far apart in age, but her cheerful, chipper and sometimes childish attitude next to his perchance to act like an old man made them seem generations apart instead of just a short decade. "Don't you have a flight practice to get to?"

Matthew paled, looking up to the large clock that presided over the University Campus. He needed to be on base in ten minutes. Letting out a strangled, panicked shout he took off running back to where he had parked. Amelia howed with laughter, waving to her brother's rapidly retreating back.

"Show the Red Baron what for today, eh Mattie?" She yelled, watching until he was out of sight before turning to resume her walk. Today was just orientation, but it wouldn't do to be late!

Still thinking of her brother, of those planes in the air and wishing she could be up there too, Amelia didn't notice the person cutting across the path behind her until she turned and bumped right into him, causing him to drop all the papers he was holding.

"Oh, golly sir I'm sorry!" She yelled, crouching down to pick up the papers, only to collide with him again as he quickly moved to do the same. This time she knocked her skull against his, however, and that left her reeling for a brief dizzy moment.

"Miss? Miss, are you alright?"

Amelia blinked the spinning sensation out of her eyes and looked up to see he was already crouching, one hand extended out to assist her.

He was a large man - not fat, simply tall and solidly built. The kind of man you expected to see working a farm. His hair was so pale blonde that at first Amelia thought it white, while she could swear on her mother's grave that his eyes were purple.

"Yeah, nothin' to worry about here, I'm stronger than I look, sir!" She accepted the hand up with a smile, watched as his eyebrows shot up just slightly as he felt the strength in her hand. Amelia had helped Matthew with his Air Force training, pushing him until the both of them could pass the entrence without any effort spent on it. Of course, only he got to enlist...

"I'm thankful for that, though I'm certain we are not so far apart in age that you need to call me 'sir'." He said with an amiable smile. There was a soft quality to his voice, and it was not as deep as Amelia was expecting for a man of his size to have. Something about it was... actually appealing. Though...

"You've got quite an accent, whereabouts are you from, stranger?" She dusted her skirt off, continuing to watch him through the veil of her strawberry blonde bangs though she pretended to not be paying attention. His smile never wavered.

"Alaska." he said smoothly. "Though, my family were Polish immigrants and I'm afraid I picked up my grandmother's accent, she refuses to learn english, you see."

Amelia couldn't help herself, the laughter just bubbled forth. She loved hearing about people and their families. "Oh gosh that musta been rough."

"There were challanges." The man agreed, just as amiably as his smile, though it was clear to Amelia that the laughter and friendliness were not what he was expecting. Forign-sounding accents were rather suspicious in this day and age, but Amelia was the last person who was going to judge a book by its cover.

"Well gee, welcome to Kansas and it's a pleasure to meet you, sir, my name is Amelia J. Jones and I actually grew up around here, so if you need any help findin' anything you let me know, alright?" she offered, holding out her hand for a shake. Surprised by her boldness, he stared at her hand for a moment before accepting.

"That is... very kind of you, Miss Jones, though as I said about the 'sir'-"

"You could give me a name so I don't have to call you that, just a suggestion." Her open and friendly smile turned just slightly coy and flirtatious. It took Amelia a little while to realize she had that effect on men - a tomboy as a child, when paired with Matthew's passive personality, there was more than one mistaking from a stranger that Amelia was the brother and Matthew was the sister. She knew she could climb a tree faster than any other kid, boy or girl, but after puberty hit she found she could stop them in their tracks with a smile before they even reached the first branch.

There was only a moment of hesitation before he answered, without blush or stammer, "Ivan. Ivan Blaski. And if you do not mind my asking, Miss Jones, how old are you?"

"It's impolite to ask a woman her age, don't they teach you that in Alaska?" Amelia asked with another laugh before saying "Nineteen as of July, and incoming freshmen. Your turn Mister Blaski!"

"I will be twenty-four this coming December, incoming to the graduate program here. Not so far apart in age." Ivan's smile didn't waver, so Amelia hoped that she had pronunced his name right. "Though I am wondering - I am a little lost, do you by chance know which way is to the administration building?"

The way there lead through a far more secluded path if she did it right, and Amelia was very much looking forward to spending more time with this handsome stranger. Few guys caught her interest, but when they did she didn't let go until she was well and truly bored.

She prayed he would not be boring.

"Absolutely! I can show you there, if you'd like!"

Ivan's smile turned into a look of trepidation, which caused confusion in Amelia until he looked behind them and up at the big clock.

"... Are classes not starting any moment?"

"OH MY GOSH I HAVE TO BE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF CAMPUS WITHIN A MINUTE!" Amelia exclaimed. "Jesus! Oh, shoot, no goddamn swearing! SHOOT SHOOT!" She jogged past Ivan, only to slip her heels off and throw them in her bookbag. She ran better barefoot. "Oh! The administration building, it's just past the clocktower, third building on the left, if you hit the building called Applewood Hall you've gone too far. There's a directory on the first floor that tells you who has what office and what department they're with and the secretary is awful helpful, just tell her you're a friend of mine if she isn't mezmarized by your pretty face and she'll help you out right quick, nice meeting you!"

Amelia yelled all of this as she ran, and when she turned back just before she would pass out of sight among the tree line she saw Ivan was right where she left him, staring and watching her go.

She ventured a wave.

She couldn't see whether or not he was smiling, but he waved back. She chose to take that as a sign of something good.
Tags: fanfiction, fic type: au, fic type: genderbend, pairing: russia/america, series: axis powers hetalia

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