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Title: Another Mile, I'm Not Afraid [2/?]
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing: Ivan/Amelia (romantic), Amelia+Kiku (BROS)
Rating: PG-13 for swearins
Warnings: Author likes to skip blithely among verb tenses. This is the first chapter of something longer and I almost never finish what I start. If I do, though, there may be porn, I make no promises for or against or relating to possible porn in the future aside from that if I ever get there I will add 'contains porn' to the chapter notes in big blinky text.
Note: I am playing a little fast and loose with history here as far as exact dates, but the era is roughly during the Red Scare, and it's a 100% Human AU. Oh, and America is a chick. Also I am choosing to ignore some of the language of the era as I can't bring myself to use the casual racist slang even in a historical context.
2381 Words

With incredible speed and stamina on her side, Amelia made it to class with seconds to spare, jogging up the raised staircase in the lecture hall to one of the rows in back and sliding into the bench next to the familiar dark-haired boy who moved instinctively to the side a bit to make room for her. He had a sixth sense about Amelia, and though he would often complain about being considered her 'keeper', whenever anyone asked him where she was he almost always knew. Some thought it was some magical Asian ability he possessed, but in reality he simply knew her personality and patterns so well that even if she hadn't told him all about her plans for the day (she often did) he could fairly accurately guess them.

"You are breathing like you just ran a mile." Kiku commented, shifting his open book on the table so that she could read from it as well. "Did you sleep in late?"

"I didn't, I just got sidetracked! And I totally remembered my book this time, you don't have to - oh my gosh where is it?" Amelia had opened her bookbag to throw her shoes back on only to find that under them was not the History textbook she needed! She had left it back at the dorm!

The frequency of which Amelia forgot her textbooks was nothing short of legendary. It was to the point that for the last two years of high school Amelia was able to argue her way into never being separated from Kiku in the classes they shared because he let her read along with him. Sometimes Kiku had to wonder if this was intentional, but the downsides that came with being half of the Jones-Honda team were minor compared to the benefits, so he let it slide. It helped that he was also, by nature, a nonconfrontational person and ever since they were children he could not think of a polite way to tell Amelia to go away. After years of friendship it seemed exceedingly impolite to change his stance on that matter even if he had gotten better with words since then.

"Please tell me you at least have your other books with you? We do not have any other classes together today." The Japanese-American sighed. Perusing her bookbag, Amelia nodded.

"Yeah, this is the only one I forgot! Weird, how is it always my classes with you?" Her laughter only quieted down when Arthur Kirkland walked in.

For a professor he was quite a young man, just past thirty. He had a way of scowling as if to yell that fun was NOT ALLOWED anywhere in his class that made others think him older. Aside from his youth he was every inch the British Professor stereotype.

"Settle down, everyone, we will begin-" the door cut his opening lecture short, a very late arrival stepping in and looking even more frazzled than Amelia had. A boy her and Kiku's age, pale with dark brown hair that was long enough that he had it tied back in a ponytail - uncommon for men, as the current fashion as to wear their hair very short.

"I-I'm sorry." The boy stammered when he realized he was the last arrival, "I got lost, and I'm from out of state and I don't know the roads around here, and-"

"Settle down, child. It just so happens I’m in a generous mood today. What’s your name?" Professor Kirkland didn’t smile often, but Amelia knew his different smiles none the less. This was good mood smile, but it was still annoyed professor smile, too.

"Toris Blaski, sir."

"Well, Toris Blaski, find a seat quickly so the rest of us may resume learning."

The benefit of college was that quite a few students were open-minded, harboring the ideals of youth and few of their parents prejudices (if only out of rebellion), so while there were clearly a few that seemed disinclined to give him a chance thanks to his foreign name, more of the students just didn’t care. Aside from one, of course, who recognized that name from only a few minutes earlier.

"Got a seat free up here!" Amelia yelled, waving an arm up in the air to make sure the newcomer saw her, then pointing to the empty bench space on the side that wasn’t being occupied by Kiku. He was, once more, wondering why he was friends with such a loud, brash girl. There were reasons that seat was empty, despite how much Amelia had blossomed into a beautiful young woman. It was half intimidation from those that didn’t know her, and half annoyance from those that did. Sometimes Kiku wondered if he wasn’t just her best friend but her only real friend.

Toris knew none of this, however, flashing Amelia a grateful smile and climbing up to join the bench she and Kiku occupied.

"Hi there!" She chirped happily as soon as he sat down, resting her chin in her hands and giving Toris a once-over. "My name is Amelia and this here is my bestest friend, Kiku. Welcome to Kansas U, are you from Alaska too?"

Startled and a little overwhelmed, Toris just stared at her a moment before replying - "Ah, how did you know?"

"Aha! I was right! I’m psychic!" She said the last part quietly, as if it was just a secret between the two of them.

"Or perhaps you overheard something and were remembering that information earlier." Kiku added to the end, just as quietly, though his was out of respect and deferment to the professor who was trying to get the class to pay attention to their syllabus.

"Nope! I’m psychic, I am!" Amelia asserted, completely missing any glares shot her way from said professor. "…Though I did meet an Ivan Blaski earlier who was from Alaska. Are the two of you related?"

Toris fumbled over his words for a few moments, looking very interested in the table. "Y-yes. That’s my older brother. The... the graduate program here isn’t offered in Alaska, and I wanted to stay close to him."

Amelia gave a soft ‘Awww’, hands clutched over her heart.

"She has a brother as well." Kiku told Toris by way of explanation. "She chose this university so she could remain close to the Airforce Base he is stationed on."

"Conveniently close to home, too. I told your brother this already but both me and Kiku-"

"Kiku and I." the dark-haired boy corrected

"That’s what I said," the girl said without missing a beat "Both of us have lived here since we were young, so if you need to ask anything about the area we probably know it."

"Again you volunteer my services without asking."

"Would you have refused?"

"... No."

"Then it isn’t a problem!"

Kiku gave a long suffering sigh but didn’t protest further aside from a quiet "We are missing the lesson, you realize?"

"Whatever." Amelia rolled her eyes. "It’s just syllabus stuff anyway."
The rest of the hour and a half she spent quietly (for her) giving Toris a rundown of the area and quirks about the campus to avoid getting lost and how to take shortcuts if he ended up running late anywhere, and which office workers were the most friendly. By the end of the class Toris certainly had learned many things, though not much of them were related to history.

"Alright class!" Professor Kirkland’s voice rang out, pitched louder to override even Amelia’s though she had paused briefly to breathe. He closed the book he had open on his desk up at the front of the lecture hall. "By next week I expect a fifteen page essay regarding what era of history you are most interested and why, and a brief overview of what you already know of that time. I want to get a feel for where your interests are and what you are hoping to get out of this class. Mr. Blaski, Ms. Jones, Mr. Honda - your requirement is twenty pages."

"H-hey! What? Twenty pages? Why!?" Amelia yelled, standing up. She was the only student who dared to backtalk the professor, and frequently the only one to ever get away with it.

One of the professor’s eyebrows twitched in annoyance. "Mr. Blaski - next week do not be late to my class. Ms. Jones, perhaps next time you would do me the honor of not speaking during my class. Mr. Honda -" His look to Kiku was lined with sympathy, but not much. "I suggest you find better friends."

Though Kiku was annoyed with Amelia for getting him into trouble with her, it was something he had gotten used to enough that he still asked if she needed him to walk her back to her dorms after class before he moved on with the rest of his day on the other side of campus.

She insisted she was fine and waved him off, looking over to Toris next and asking what was next on his list. Despite her initial outburst of righteous indignation, the extra work otherwise didn’t bother her in the least. Toris wondered if this kind of thing was normal here. When she found out that his next class was in the same building as her next one, she grinned and offered to escort him there. Much like Kiku, the Alaskan boy was finding it exceptionally difficult to find a polite way to tell her to go away, and as such had no choice but to accept her friendship. Amelia tended to get what she wanted in that aspect.

"So, Toris, tell me about your brother! You two don’t look anything alike!" she chatted happily as they walked. The sky was still a bright brilliant blue, and Amelia severely doubted the earlier weather report that claimed rain.

"Ah, well, not all siblings look that much alike, do they?" Toris said, fumbling over his words a bit. It was funny, when he got flustered his accent became stronger, though otherwise he had better English than Ivan. Though maybe all Alaskan accents sounded that way, Amelia honestly wasn’t that great with any European-sounding accent, though thanks to Kiku she was able to tell the difference between Japanese, Chinese, and Korean which put her ahead of the people that didn’t even know there was a difference to be heard. She even bullied him into teaching her a few words so she could say good morning to his mother and father. She may only know ‘good morning’ ‘good night’ ‘thank you’ and ‘I’m sorry’, but her pronunciation of those four phrases was excellent.

Toris seemed a little nervous as he waited for Amelia’s answer as she thought it over, but she just laughed again and nodded. "I guess you’re right! My perception is a little skewed, Mattie always tells me. He’s my brother, we’re twins and as identical as a boy an’ a girl can be."

"Identical? That must have been confusing for your parents." Toris knew instantly he had wandered into a taboo conversation topic. The bright and boisterous girl grew quiet at that, looking away.

"... Probably. Wouldn’t know." She answered. They were silent for the rest of the short walk, and Amelia felt bad for killing the mood that way even if she wasn’t able to help herself. So many of the people she dealt with daily knew what happened with her parents, she was unused to the subject being brought up at all, and was unaccustomed to dealing with it.

She wondered if Matthew was any better at it than she was, and how he handled it.

"Your next class should be in here, it looks like it’s just down the hall from mine." Amelia said with another sunny smile when they reached the main doors, leading the way inside. The building was probably the oldest one on the campus aside from the main administration office and bell tower. Though the paint on the walls was fresh, Toris could see blackened marking along the floorboard. There had been a fire here recently, though clearly the damage was light enough to warrant repairs rather than rebuilding. It made him nervous, as did all unexpected things. They should have read about this, shouldn’t they? What else did they not know about this place? He was only half-listening as Amelia continued to explain.

"I’ve got Women’s Lit with Mrs. Héderváry. It’s a double-block so you’ll be out before I am. Delilah’s the brunette who works the administration office after noon until it closes, so if you have any questions and can’t find me she’s a sucker for a pretty face and will help you out."

Toris snapped out of his thoughtful silence then, giving Amelia another somewhat nervous smile.

"Thank you, Amelia. You have been... very friendly and welcoming."

That got a real grin from her, and she punched Toris in the shoulder - a friendly gesture he would expect more from another boy, and much stronger than he would have expected from just about anyone but Ivan.

"Don’t even worry about it! I’m here to help!" it was the little things that made a difference sometimes, and if Amelia was regulated to the little things due to her sex, she would do them all. She cracked open her book bag again to double check and nodded to herself. She’d brought two Rinehart novels instead of the one, that was why she didn’t notice her history book was missing. Ah well.

Snapping her bag shut, Amelia turned her attention back to Toris who was studying his class listing very intently.

"I’ll cut on out for now then, and see you later. Say hi to your brother for me!" Amelia left Toris there at the staircase, the echo of her laughter sounding throughout the hall as she darted up to her next class.

When she was finally done for the day at near seven o’clock at night, twilight was not only approaching, but it was also pouring down rain so hard Amelia could barely see five feet in front of her.

She crossed her arms under her chest and sighed.

Tags: fanfiction, fic type: au, fic type: genderbend, pairing: russia/america, series: axis powers hetalia

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